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 We are a professional manufacturer of NdFeB permanent magnets. Our magnets have maximum energy product from 27MGOe to 53 MGOe and coercive force from 12Koe up to 30Koe for different working conditions. We supply magnets of various sizes, shapes and dimensions with rich experience. And our magnets have been widely received by American, European countries. Our capacity is over 800 tons per year.
Besides NdFeB magnets, we also specialize in magnetic assemblies, such as permanent magnetic lifter, permanent magnetic chuck and magnetic pot, etc.
All of our products' quality are hundred percent guaranteed!

To be a good supplier, let our clients get the most profits with our good quality is our aim.

So our motto is: Bestquality, fastest delivery, best service and lowest price.

Give us a chance, give you a success. Your inquirement will be highly appreciated.           

Hard Ferrite Magnets
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