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About NdFeB magnet:


 Neodymium iron boron ( NdFeB) is a type of rare earth magnetic material.
 NdFeB is the most advanced commercialized permanent magnet material available today.
 This material has similar properties as the samarium cobalt except that it is more easily oxidizedand generally doesn't have the same temperature resistance.

 However, NdFeB magnets have the highest energy products approaching 52MGOe and aremechanically stronger than samarium cobalt magnets. NdFeB material is more costly by weight thanceramic or alnico but produces the highest amount of flux per unit of volume or mass making it very economical for many applications. Their high energy products lend themselves to compact designsthat result in innovative applications and lower manufacturing costs.
  Unprotected NdFeB magnets are subject to corrosion. Surface treatments has been developed thatallow them to be used in most applications. These treatments include copper, silver,, gold, nickel,zinc and tin plating and epoxy resin coating.
  Beneficial characteristics of NdFeB magnets include their very high energy product, very highcoercive force, and moderate temperature stability. Drawbacks include lower mechanical strength,and low corrosion resistance when not properly coated or plated.

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